1 About Cavalieri – Cavalieri

La Cavalieri Leather Products Trading  LLC is based in Dubai, U.A.E. The brand name “ Cavalieri” is 100 % owned and operated under the flagship of  La Cavalieri Leather Products Trading  LLC.

Cavalieri products are pure Italian leather products which include men’s sandals and wallets.

We have 100 plus designs and styles for our leather sandals. All the sandals are custom designed to incorporate the local flavor of United Arab Emirates. The sandals go through extreme precision manufacturing process before being delivered to a happy customer.

Cavalieri products undertake “special orders” too for our special customers wanting to have some changes to the size, color, specific design or even a heel height.

We pride ourselves in the quality and genuineness of our products and the growing list of satisfied customers.

Come and indulge in some Italian shopping!

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